How can I get rid of my ongoing cycle of feeling numb and crazy?

Watch Listen Read I felt the walking dead some days, and then a total emotional mess on other days, how do I stop feeling numb? I would encourage journaling and giving a voice to the numb. And if you’re feeling crazy, that means your mind is racing, which means that you want to do some […]

How can I pull myself together to make self-care a priority?

Watch Listen Read Oh that is such a hard question, because we know what others tell us that we need to be doing in order to be able to gain traction and momentum in our recovery. We also feel good after the fact after we do it. So why don’t we do it? There are […]

Is the end goal just management?

Watch Listen Read Is there an end to all of this? The question states, am I going to have to continually work to avoid doing these things, looking back over old stuff. Is the end goal just management? There’s so much pain in the comments on this thread about looking back on the memories that […]

How can I overcome feeling overwhelmed?

Watch Listen Read I’m smiling because I love the way that this group is coming together, responding to one another saying, “me too”. Feeling overwhelmed. What I would say to feeling overwhelmed is stated a lot in the replies to one another, but one of those is make your dailies, your recovery, make them small […]

My partner betrayed me with a friend. Will I ever be able to trust again?

Watch Listen Read Okay. Oh, the only thing that makes betrayal, trauma suck even worse is when there’s a double betrayal. That double whammy, when your partner betrays you with a friend. Oh, that’s the case for this next question. That, that of course you are feeling like, I don’t know with whom I can […]

How can I overcome the feeling like I’m two different people?

Watch Listen Read The question is like feeling like I’m fluctuating between two people, both of whom are me. It’s like on the one sense, I know this is true, but then that feels completely not true. I 100% remember like the way you described that with feeling like you’re two people that can’t communicate […]

Am I ever going to be healthy enough to find real love?

Watch Listen Read Okay, there’s a segment in this question. You said I am falling in love with me again. I love that so much because so many people never fall in love with themselves. And so the fact that you can say, I am falling in love with me again, your question am I […]

How do I overcome the feeling of fakeness in my past and present life?

Watch Listen Read The feeling of feeling fake. I promise you everyone here knows that feeling of when your heart is hurting, and you’re trying to put on that brave face in the world out there, and it feels so fake. And even that is like doubly painful, trying to put on the happy face. […]

What Is My Point?: Finding Purpose and Finding Hope

“Hi, I’m Alisha and I tell the important stories.”

One of the things that has helped me through the hardest times is figuring out a point to my life, a purpose, a driving theme that isn’t connected to my roles, or job, or financial status. I used to call myself a teacher, but then I wasn’t. I am a writer, but that’s just what I do for work. I ask myself, “what is the thing that gives me life that isn’t related to money or media or my relationship status?”

The Flood or the Fan

Self care doesn’t always look like a massage and pedicure at a vacation resort. Sure, sometimes that is exactly what it means, but I am seeing that taking care of myself more often looks like saying “no” to a project that sounds exciting, but doesn’t quite feel aligned with my purpose. When we practice letting ourselves be still, and tune into our internal compass, it becomes easier to recognize what self care should look like. Remember that at times, in order to be spared the flood, we have to get quiet. And listen.

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