How can I overcome feeling overwhelmed?




I’m smiling because I love the way that this group is coming together, responding to one another saying, “me too”. Feeling overwhelmed. What I would say to feeling overwhelmed is stated a lot in the replies to one another, but one of those is make your dailies, your recovery, make them small and manageable. If you’re making them too big, you can feel like it’s too overwhelming. And then that leads to that recovery fatigue that you all identified. Make them manageable.

Also make sure that one requires, this is a little hack, one requires movement. Make sure you are moving your body every day. And one that I do is I listen to, I don’t know, either scriptures or music that is uplifting or listen to a podcast or I’ll listen to an audible, so I’m doubling those dailies at a time, so I’m moving and learning or feeling. Put those together and make them short. If you have journaling for one of your dailies, have it be short, a short prompt. I feel blank, I fear blank. Have it be a short prompt. Don’t feel like it has to be 10 minutes of journaling. If you have an exercise goal, make it gentle, make it something that you will do that you don’t dread doing. If you make the goals smaller, you’re more likely to do them. And then you can double up with them together.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed. Clearly, we are all feeling that way. And especially in the middle of just the world right now, I feel like everyone is overwhelmed period. So the fact that you are all on here, doing your best, replaying to one another, supporting each other and putting your best foot forward every day, is pretty remarkable. So, we’re all in this together.

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