Is the end goal just management?




Is there an end to all of this? The question states, am I going to have to continually work to avoid doing these things, looking back over old stuff. Is the end goal just management?

There’s so much pain in the comments on this thread about looking back on the memories that now feel tainted of the family pictures. And what I want to say is yes, there is an end, and no, the goal is not just management. There is a point where it’s making peace with the pain. That you can look at the family picture and see the love that is there, along with the new information that you do have with the pain. But I promise you’ll be able to make peace with that pain. I know how painful it is, and if you need to put those away for awhile, there will come a time when you can see them again with a different perspective, and making peace with that pain.

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