My partner betrayed me with a friend. Will I ever be able to trust again?




Okay. Oh, the only thing that makes betrayal, trauma suck even worse is when there’s a double betrayal. That double whammy, when your partner betrays you with a friend. Oh, that’s the case for this next question. That, that of course you are feeling like, I don’t know with whom I can trust. Will I ever be able to trust friends?

What I want to tell you, is as you work on deepening your relationship with yourself and deepening your relationship with your beliefs that, I know I can trust myself. I promise you as your relationship with self, your relationship with that belief with yourself that you can trust yourself, your relationships with others will deepen as well. And you will know, I promise you, with whom you can trust. I am so sorry for that double betrayal, and you’re amazing to be on here, working, doing the work, keep it up.

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