How can I get rid of my ongoing cycle of feeling numb and crazy?




I felt the walking dead some days, and then a total emotional mess on other days, how do I stop feeling numb?

I would encourage journaling and giving a voice to the numb. And if you’re feeling crazy, that means your mind is racing, which means that you want to do some mindful breathing meditations. You want to do some calming because your body needs it. Now I am going to encourage you to listen to your body. We do prana yoga here at You Bloom and I’m telling you that some of the work that Sariah has done on the prana yoga, it’s incredibly helpful for you being able to listen to your. So anyway, that’s a starting point for what your question is.

I think he is still acting out and talking to her and possibly seeing her still, but I have no idea as I can not trust him. And so it’s an ongoing cycle of numb and then feeling crazy and emotional. I don’t know how to trust him again. And I don’t know how much longer I can live like this.

If he says he’s not doing it, I might have him do a polygraph or an eye detect to identify if he’s actually telling the truth. It’s just would be a suggestion.

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