Obviously, everyone’s situation is different. We’re going to have different experiences and outcomes – one size does not fit all in this

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Everyone's journey is different. With Bloom Guided, get the support you need.

Our Bloom Guided coaches are here to help you learn, heal, and navigate betrayal trauma with expert confidence. 

With 250,000+ assessments and over a million data points, we have the tools and support you need to overcome trauma from betrayal and infidelity.

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Healing isn't linear. We help you work through what you need, when you need it.

Your Story

Experiences can either help or hurt us. Understanding how your experiences have shaped you gives you insight and awareness into your trauma response.

How Trauma Works

You'll gain awareness and validation around how trauma is impacting you. With awareness and validation, you can begin the healing process by understanding yourself.

Self Care

Trauma often creates bad habits and coping patterns. You'll learn strategies to cope with your trauma through healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual patterns.

Understanding Addiction

Learn how addiction works and why it manifests itself. Additionally, learn that addictive behavior is not your fault.


With betrayal it's common to not only lose trust in your partner but also yourself. Healing requires trust in self and your partner. Rebuilding trust starts with creating boundaries and safety.


Fully understanding the betrayal story is crucial to repairing the relationship. You'll learn the benefits and how to carry out a disclosure in a helpful way that can kickstart healing and recovery.


Setting and holding boundaries is very tricky. However, when done right, you'll find safety and growth individually and within your relationship.


Within the context of betrayal forgiveness is a complicated step. You'll learn what forgiveness really means and how to go about the forgiveness process in a healthy way that frees you.

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