Our Coaching Manager, Andrea, explains "why coaching?"

Betrayal Trauma Recovery & Support

Our Bloom Guided coaches are here to help you learn, heal, and navigate betrayal trauma with expert confidence. 

Everyone's journey is different. With Bloom Guided, get the support you need.

Our Bloom Guided coaches are here to help you learn, heal, and navigate betrayal trauma with expert confidence. 

With 250,000+ assessments and over a million data points, we have the tools and support you need to overcome trauma from betrayal and infidelity.

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$150 /month

Knowing how to move forward can be overwhelming. While all the below features are available to you, your coach will work with you to identify what’s best for you in each phase of your healing journey.

  • Access to our new and updated in-app coaching experience found at Noble, which includes daily video content and check-ins, journaling prompts, assessments, messaging, and more.
  •  Access to Dr. Skinner’s new Healing from Betrayal Trauma course.
  • 60-minute weekly calls with fellow Bloom members and a certified coach.
  • 24/5 access (Monday through Friday) to your coach and 24/7 access to your fellow group members via our in-app messaging feature.
  • Opportunity to participate in Growth Sessions, at no additional cost, for a deeper dive into specific topics.
  • Access to additional content upon completion of our basic coaching layout.
  • Opportunity to schedule one-on-one calls with your coach as-needed for an additional fee. 

Healing isn't linear. We help you work through what you need, when you need it.

Your Story

Experiences can either help or hurt us. Understanding how your experiences have shaped you gives you insight and awareness into your trauma response.

How Trauma Works

You'll gain awareness and validation around how trauma is impacting you. With awareness and validation, you can begin the healing process by understanding yourself.

Self Care

Trauma often creates bad habits and coping patterns. You'll learn strategies to cope with your trauma through healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual patterns.

Understanding Addiction

Learn how addiction works and why it manifests itself. Additionally, learn that addictive behavior is not your fault.


With betrayal it's common to not only lose trust in your partner but also yourself. Healing requires trust in self and your partner. Rebuilding trust starts with creating boundaries and safety.


Fully understanding the betrayal story is crucial to repairing the relationship. You'll learn the benefits and how to carry out a disclosure in a helpful way that can kickstart healing and recovery.


Setting and holding boundaries is very tricky. However, when done right, you'll find safety and growth individually and within your relationship.


Within the context of betrayal forgiveness is a complicated step. You'll learn what forgiveness really means and how to go about the forgiveness process in a healthy way that frees you.

Therapist-Created Roadmaps to Guide Your Healing Journey

  • Our Therapy Roadmaps are laid out in an easy-to-follow format
  • We make it easy to identify what you need to do on a daily basis to keep moving forward
  • Track your improvement through self-assessments
  • Find safety and peace of mind through an organized recovery experience

Navigate Difficult Moments with Anytime Coach Support and Growth Sessions

  • Message your coach at any time and they will respond within 24 hours
  • Enjoy weekly calls with your coach
  • Participate in Growth Sessions for deeper dives into specific topics


Q- What if I am dating, divorced, separated... Is group coaching for me?

A- Yes! Group coaching is for everyone. We try to encourage women to get out of the boxes of “dating, divorced, staying, or separated.” We are not working on your relationship; we are working on your trauma. Every woman in betrayal, no matter her status, has trauma to work through. Often, we focus on our relationship status because we think that is the problem, it's not. This is about addiction, and this is about betrayal trauma. We want to help all women in their trauma and allow them to connect with each other on that level. 

Q- How long is the program?

A- It is an 8-month long program. This is not a quick fix program, we will gradually teach you tools so you can practice them and solidify your ability to work through this space with the proper support. 

Q- What if I don’t like my group or coach?

A- Let us know and we can help you find a group or a coach that is a better fit for you. We want to make sure you are able to get the right support that will help you heal.

Q- What does the coaching program entail?

A- When you sign up for coaching you will receive access to our app that will give you daily video and journal prompts. You will also have a coach who can answer any questions you might have. Your coach will become an important part of your healing journey as you ask questions and are able to get clarification on the ins and outs of what you are going through. If you choose group coaching, you will also have access to a small group of women you can connect with (6-8 women max) who can offer you additional support. You will meet with your coach once a week to go over that week’s content and go deeper into the subject you have been learning about. This is where you will have an opportunity to discuss those key topics and understand them on a deeper level.

Q- Can I do therapy with coaching, or should I only do one?

A- If you can do both, we highly recommend it. You will be able to work through a lot of key issues with your coach at a much lower cost, and be able to take any issues that need deeper attention to your therapist –– making that visit much more effective. If you cannot afford both, start out with coaching to really gain a deeper understanding of your trauma and this space at a lower cost, while pinpointing what you need more intense help with. Then take those more intense issues to a therapist when you feel you are ready. 

Q- I have already done a lot of recovery work but feel like I’m just stuck, how can coaching help me?

A- Even though some clients come to us having done a lot of work prior, they are still amazed at how much more in-depth our program is. We guide you through everything you need to understand in order to get unstuck. One of the most important things that this program promotes is consistency. Often when we are in trauma, we do what we call “binge and purge.” We binge on a LOT of information, learn a lot, but eventually get overwhelmed and angry or frustrated and stop (the purge). After a few days or weeks, we realize we still need help, so we start binging on information all over again. In our coaching program, we want you to develop consistency with yourself and get out of that binge and purge behavior. We want you to set aside time for yourself every day (10-15 min) to give your trauma space and time so you can start having a consistent voice and finally heal. This is all part of healing behavior. It is a lifestyle change. 

Q- Do I need to stay in my relationship or go?

A- We do not tell women if they should stay or go, but we educate them on what they need to know in order to make that choice. “If you don’t know what to do, you don’t have enough information.”- Dr. Skinner  

Here in the coaching program, we give you that information so you can make that decision for yourself. From what we have seen, when the pain of the relationship becomes greater than the pain of leaving, that is when women typically leave. But that could mean an in-home separation, out of home separation, or divorce. You will be able to make that call when you have enough information. We understand both of those choices are hard and painful and we support you through that space.

Q- When I start, what step will I be on?

A- We run loop groups, so when you start, you will join in on the topic the group is currently on. You will then loop back around until you have come to the point in the program in which you started. If you decide you would like to do the program again (as women often do because they love the consistency, connection, validation, and healing) you can keep looping back around. 


Q- What day will I have my group call on and do I get to pick my coach?

A- When you sign up for coaching, you will be given the options of various days and times. Pick a day and time slot that works best for you and that will be your weekly group call day and time. You will be assigned to the coach that runs that group day and time. If for any reason you feel like the coach or group is not a good fit for you, please let us know and we can move you to another coach and group.

Q- Is this a religious-based course?

A- This is not a religious-based course, but we do help clients understand that trauma hits them physically, spiritually, and emotionally. In order to heal, they do need to create balance and healing in those three areas. Because we respect our clients and understand spirituality might look different to each of us, we encourage them to work in that space as it applies to them personally. 


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