How can I get rid of my ongoing cycle of feeling numb and crazy?

Watch Listen Read I felt the walking dead some days, and then a total emotional mess on other days, how do I stop feeling numb? I would encourage journaling and giving a voice to the numb. And if you’re feeling crazy, that means your mind is racing, which means that you want to do some […]

How do I move past lies, deceit and omissions?

Watch Listen Read In thinking about some of the unwanted thoughts I want and need to move past, I’m having a difficult time as I’ve asked my husband questions about these numerous times, and I know he’s lied about them. How do I move past lies, deceit and omissions? If he’s lied about them, that’s […]

How do I talk to my kids?

Watch Listen Read That’s a very important question. This is a question, especially for parents of younger kids, but I guess in general, for all kids, I have three young boys, nine, seven, and three, and I think it will be important for my husband and I to address some of his struggles with our […]

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