My partner and I have separated, how can move past this pain and still hold my relationships?




When do I get to be supported? And when will he acknowledge my betrayal trauma? If you’re going to work on your relationship that will be essential. Now, again, that’s if we’re going to be working on the relationship he will need to do that. I would suggest an eye detect that he’s done with that relationship or in a polygraph. I hold a lot in to protect my kids who don’t really know what is going on and why their father is working all the time.

When he’s really sleeping in an apartment at night, even though he comes to the house before and after work every day, it feels to me like there might eventually need to be open communication that you guys have separated because you’re also keeping a secret from your children. And in truth them knowing that something’s happening is almost more of a reality check for your husband. It’s something for you to consider.

Signing up for You Bloom is the first step for me in a long time, where I actually feel understood with all I am going through. I’m glad you feel understood. I’m glad that you’re asking the questions and participating with us. I really hope this gets me past the pain that feels like it will never go away.

You need more information, you need your husband to step up and acknowledge and show that he’s not living in a lie with this other relationship. So I would suggest if you’re going to work on the relationship, get into a counselor in your area you would consider doing a disclosure. Of his behaviors and work through that process typically done by certified sex addiction therapists.

That’s what I would recommend in your situation because without that information I’m not sure your husband’s stepping up and is he, or isn’t he, we don’t know, but if you’re going to move forward, you do need that information.

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