Can you recommend specific techniques for overcoming being flooded during the day from thoughts or situations that reminds me of my husband’s behavior?




The specific technique when you’re flooded, I would let me offer a couple more here. I might take a breather and do a mindfulness meditation, I can listen to a guided meditation, you might go visit where she has many mindfulness meditations guided meditations. When you’re flooded, you might do a three minute breathing exercise, in for a six to eight count, hold it for a second and out for a four to six count. And if you do that, you want to do that for about three minutes and that actually helps regulate the body and calm down. And relax you. And so that would be one of my primary recommendations. When you find yourself feeling flooded you might call up a friend and you might have healthy distractions going for a walk, listening to some music journaling about things playing the piano, musical instruments connecting with your kids.

Those are all healthy distractions. If you find yourself in the same routine, choose another alternative activity that you’re going to intentionally do when you feel stuck. That’s what I would recommend at this point.

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