Practicing Self-Compassion During a Trauma Flare

This class will teach you how to identify a trauma flare, what it looks and feels like for you.
Understand and be able to describe how self-compassion can help you through a trauma flare and have a step-by-step tool to use as you navigate triggers/trauma flares.

How can I overcome feeling like I am disposable?

Watch Listen Read I actually got teary when I read your question, because I said those very same words. I said to my mom, I feel like just the garbage that got taken out, just disposable. I feel disposable and unlovable and it’s so heartbreaking. When you’re saying, “I didn’t do these assignments. I just […]

How can I not be easily duped and not feel stupid?

Watch Listen Read The question is, I am so easy to dupe. I think one of my negative beliefs was that I was dumb for not trusting the signs. So what I want to tell you, that too was one of my go-to beliefs of, I am so stupid. And I would realize once I […]

How do I hold on to a belief that I matter?

Watch Listen Read I want to tell you that you matter. Just me I don’t even, I don’t know you. But reading your question and hearing your strength, that you still have a voice that you’re doing this work, despite everything you have been through inspires me. Because of your choice, you are choosing to […]

How do I work on feeling important?

Watch Listen Read So this next question says I can work through all of the thoughts of feeling whole, feeling loved, feeling peace. How do I work on feeling important? What I want to tell you about that is, as you focus on your relationship with yourself and you make yourself important, then you’re able […]

Am I ever going to be healthy enough to find real love?

Watch Listen Read Okay, there’s a segment in this question. You said I am falling in love with me again. I love that so much because so many people never fall in love with themselves. And so the fact that you can say, I am falling in love with me again, your question am I […]

Five Practical Steps To Becoming More Emotionally Resilient

Resiliency is a key character trait of people who come through hard times as stronger more compassionate people. Resiliency simply means the ability to adapt to stress and difficult situations. Now if only it were that simple to be resilient.

Climbing The Mountain

I stare down at my tennis shoes. I am poised at the edge of the sidewalk. Before me the dirt path winds up the mountain. Straight up. So far the trail has been inclined, but not too crazy.

Here is where things get harder.

Mirror Mirror…

We fail to see the beauty in function. As we recall the overwhelming complexities of our body, as we come to see and appreciate these many wonders in our reflection, there is a certain respect gained for our very presence, for the body that houses our soul. This respect in turn lends to mending struggles we have with our appearance. It reminds us we are not merely objects made up of sexualized parts. We are in fact women, human, a miracle of an amalgamation of working pieces both macroscopic and microscopic and we should marvel at the wonder of our existence.

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