How can I get me? Love me? With the same or better energy that I spent investing in him. And how can I make sure I won’t lose myself again?




I want you to think about, at least for me, the amount of energy that you put into reading, thinking, worrying about your husband with his betrayal. And think about if you even put in half that amount of energy with connecting to yourself, the relationship that you would have with yourself. Because I know for me, I honestly there were times when he took up 90% of my energy, and the space that I was going to in my mind.

So, what I can tell you is you already answered your question. You invest in that time with yourself, connecting to your body, connecting to your thoughts, connecting to your feelings. Just connecting to how being grounded with yourself and aware of yourself as you relate with others and you invest. You use the word, you invest in that time and the payback, you won’t lose yourself again because you’ll know a hard fought battle that was, and you won’t, as you continue to show that self compassion every day.

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