How can I not be easily duped and not feel stupid?




The question is, I am so easy to dupe. I think one of my negative beliefs was that I was dumb for not trusting the signs. So what I want to tell you, that too was one of my go-to beliefs of, I am so stupid. And I would realize once I started doing the work how frequently I would say I’m so stupid. I would say it all throughout the day, over small things. What I want to tell you, so I would ask you for you to examine that negative belief of where that comes in earlier in your life. Other times where you, you might like me just say; Oh, I’m so stupid in a silly way, but it’s a way you’re talking to yourself critically throughout the day.

What I want to tell you is that it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. It means that you are whole. And when you’re honest, you’re not even thinking that somebody else could be anything other than honest. And that doesn’t make you stupid, that makes you trusting. And unfortunately you gave that trust and you’ve been hurt. But that doesn’t make you stupid. If anything, that makes you wise, and it says that you’ve had relationships where you can trust. And so catch yourself how many times you go to that negative belief of, I’m so stupid. Stop, catch yourself, and just recognize that again, this isn’t about you.

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