How do I hold on to a belief that I matter?




I want to tell you that you matter. Just me I don’t even, I don’t know you. But reading your question and hearing your strength, that you still have a voice that you’re doing this work, despite everything you have been through inspires me.

Because of your choice, you are choosing to believe I matter. When you are choosing to sign up for a course, and you’re choosing to do EMDR to confront the many wrongs that have happened in your life from people who should be there to protect and love you. The ability to choose. You are choosing by your actions. We are seeing that you have that belief that your life matters. And it is the people that we hear those stories in the most dire of circumstances. They’re the ones that inspire us because they say no matter what, you cannot. You always have your choice and you are still choosing to heal and to choose you and to speak your pain. And that is inspiring other people that they matter. And you are showing me thank you for inspiring me.

I really want to make sure you find somebody to do some EMDR. There’s so much trauma here. You could see, like it honestly just broke my heart and by the end of answering the question, I just feel so inspired by your strength. You don’t even know the impact. I don’t know you and you’ve impacted me. I promise you matter. You matter because you’re choosing to believe that. Thank you for inspiring us.

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