What if the loves are losses?

Watch Listen Read The question is what if the loves are losses? First, I just want to speak to your pain. And when you said this is all hidden, and I don’t have friends or want friends anymore, I distance myself from my mom, everything is just too painful, you sound very much alone. And, […]

How do I get rid of my terrible nightmares resulting from betrayal trauma?

Watch Listen Read What to do about nightmares? Throughout my experience with betrayal trauma, I have been plagued by nightmares. It happens almost weekly. At the worst point, I had horrible dreams almost every night. I wake up exhausted and with a horrible headache, I can actually feel that my body has been pumping stress […]

What kinds of ongoing questions and check-ins would you recommend us doing so that one of us doesn’t slip into old patterns? And if we do slip, how can we protect our marriage in our own self so that we don’t both slip?

Watch Listen Read My husband and I recently sat down to discuss how we’ve been acting like cows these past few months. We had grown and healed so much the first year after disclosure. And then when our newest baby was born, I began to regress and struggle. As a result of my pulling away, […]