Is the end goal just management?

Watch Listen Read Is there an end to all of this? The question states, am I going to have to continually work to avoid doing these things, looking back over old stuff. Is the end goal just management? There’s so much pain in the comments on this thread about looking back on the memories that […]

What if the loves are losses?

Watch Listen Read The question is what if the loves are losses? First, I just want to speak to your pain. And when you said this is all hidden, and I don’t have friends or want friends anymore, I distance myself from my mom, everything is just too painful, you sound very much alone. And, […]

How do I overcome the feeling of fakeness in my past and present life?

Watch Listen Read The feeling of feeling fake. I promise you everyone here knows that feeling of when your heart is hurting, and you’re trying to put on that brave face in the world out there, and it feels so fake. And even that is like doubly painful, trying to put on the happy face. […]

How does trauma get trapped in the physical body?

Watch Listen Read I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. I am depressed and I feel terrible about myself and my life in general due to my husband’s betrayal D-Day 2 years ago. And I’m definitely traumatized, and I feel pain and heaviness in my chest, clenching my jaw and shoulder, and other physical symptoms […]

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