Obviously, everyone’s situation is different. We’re going to have different experiences and outcomes – one size does not fit all in this journey. It’s important to have hope for the future, whether that looks like staying with your partner or finding your freedom and authentic self after exhausting all options. For me, it’s felt like […]

Guest Post: Anxiety and Betrayal Trauma

Anxiety might seem irrational when it shows up. Most of us have become accustomed to judging our emotions, especially the inconvenient ones. Anxiety shows up unannounced and pulls us in, it can rob us of the present moment and send us back into past pain. But anxiety makes sense when you’ve gone through betrayal, or […]

Guest Post: Anxiety, an invitation to heal.

Anxiety is a feeling I am well acquainted with. You may know the feeling too. It’s that feeling that something bad could happen at any moment and pull the rug out from under you, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. It can be crippling, stealing the peace and joy from our everyday […]

Guest Post: Betrayal Trauma and Anxiety

It happened again. I should have been used to it by then, but it still felt like a whole new shock to my system. I struggled to form words. I shook. I paced. I couldn’t catch my breath. It was as though a blender was going off in my head and my body was convulsing […]

Five steps to increase self-compassion, improving self-talk and healing trauma

In this class you’ll learn the background, science, and relevance of breath-work to help heal from betrayal trauma. Specifically, using breath-work to manage the trauma symptoms of anxiety, stress, physical and emotional health. JR will guide you through actual breath-work and will help you develop an at home practice for when the triggers come.

How to Help Your Relationship Heal After An Emotional Affair

How to Help Your Relationship Heal After An Emotional Affair

Are you experiencing heartache due to an emotional affair? If so, you may be wondering how you’ll heal and move forward. While it is possible, restoring trust is often a difficult challenge to overcome.  Overcoming the pain and heartache from your partner’s emotional affair can be complicated. For example, both of you are likely experiencing […]

5 Positive Ways To Help You Cope With Betrayal Trauma

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Living with betrayal trauma can leave you with a wide range of mental and physical health issues. Likewise, the inner turmoil you’re experiencing can lead to a variety of symptoms. Betrayal trauma can make life difficult to manage. As you’re left trying to pick up the pieces, you may be wondering how to cope with […]

Can Meditation Really Help Reduce Holiday Stress?

bloomforwomen.com - Can Meditation Really Help Me Reduce My Holiday Stress?

For many, the holiday season is a time of year that comes with many mixed emotions. While the traditions of the holidays can bring happiness and excitement, stress and grief can also accompany them. So, if you find yourself feeling too overwhelmed to enjoy the season, meditation may be the solution.