How can I overcome feeling overwhelmed?

Watch Listen Read I’m smiling because I love the way that this group is coming together, responding to one another saying, “me too”. Feeling overwhelmed. What I would say to feeling overwhelmed is stated a lot in the replies to one another, but one of those is make your dailies, your recovery, make them small […]

I’m in California and we are still on lockdown and so are told not to hug people, which makes this exercise hard. I’m wondering what impact the pandemic will have on our collective ability to connect and support each other.

Watch Listen Read I just thank you for your question. Obviously, your physical health is a big deal, but mental health is also important. Hugs from if you have children, grandchildren are starting points. Animals, I found that when we can’t have physical touch, if you’ve got a pet, a cat or a dog, I […]

5 Positive Ways To Help You Cope With Betrayal Trauma - We support women who suffer from betrayal trauma

Living with betrayal trauma can leave you with a wide range of mental and physical health issues. Likewise, the inner turmoil you’re experiencing can lead to a variety of symptoms. Betrayal trauma can make life difficult to manage. As you’re left trying to pick up the pieces, you may be wondering how to cope with […]

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