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October 3 2022

When going through betrayal trauma, it’s very common to think “I am the only one. No one can possibly understand what I’m going through.” Listen to our Program Manager Andrea’s […]

September 30 2022
Madison Scherner,

Meaningful relationships have their struggles. There are times when the struggles do not seem to have an end and that is something you want to change. When trying to make […]

September 21 2022

Often, when we are in trauma, we tend to isolate. In times like these, it’s really important for us to reach out for help. Healing does not come over time […]

September 21 2022

Clients often ask “Do I need therapy or coaching? Which one is right for me?” Listen to our Program Manager Andrea’s response:

September 20 2022

Before I was married, I would watch the occasional talk show and wonder how the betrayed women they frequently hosted didn’t know they were being cheated on…  How in the […]

September 8 2022

Obviously, everyone’s situation is different. We’re going to have different experiences and outcomes – one size does not fit all in this journey. It’s important to have hope for the […]

September 7 2022
Paige Procknow,

Our Co-Founder and Clinical Director, Dr. Kevin Skinner, sat down with Lindsey and Mickenzie from the Living Centered Podcast to discuss betrayal trauma, infidelity, and how to show up for […]

August 8 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

Betrayal trauma occurs when someone trusted or relied upon for support commits an act of betrayal. It is a unique trauma that can be very difficult to treat. Betrayal trauma […]

August 5 2022

Anxiety might seem irrational when it shows up. Most of us have become accustomed to judging our emotions, especially the inconvenient ones. Anxiety shows up unannounced and pulls us in, […]

August 4 2022

Anxiety is a feeling I am well acquainted with. You may know the feeling too. It’s that feeling that something bad could happen at any moment and pull the rug […]