Why is it that I feel more safe when I keep my feelings inside and I feel worse when I identify and express them to someone?




It’s a vulnerable thing. It is vulnerable to, to share your feelings. Of course you feel more safe keeping your thoughts and your feelings to yourself. But, that’s a lonely place to be because with making that choice, you can say I feel safer holding it in, that I feel like I’m more in control, but you’re also alone. The only way to be able to have the connection that you want is by sharing. And you have to be uncomfortable in that, and I know that’s not a fun answer. But if you keep yourself protected and you feel that, I feel safe by keeping my thoughts and feelings all to myself, you will also feel lonely. And that’s not a good feeling either. So it’s to recognize safe people and to be able to learn how to express in small ways that are safe and give you the connection that you want, because we all want it, we all want to feel connected.

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