What are some practices that can be done to increase the strength of relationships?




I just want to share this, this little section is beautiful about for the past several months, your family has been keeping the commitment to hug one another and share how much we love one another. And what a beautiful experience that has been on a daily to share that love. What are some additional practices that we can do to increase, really they’re these intimate moments, these really seeing each other, what can you do to increase that? I love that you have a hug because therapists will tell you the importance of eye contact, a physical touch, so much is communicated with really looking at one another and having that touch. So you are already sharing how much you love each other, and you’re having that hug.

Something that I would recommend that you add another step of sharing gratitude, something that you are grateful for that person. And that requires an additional level of vulnerability and emotional intimacy to be able to share, hey, I just want you to know that today when you wash the dishes and after dinner and you help me, like it’s letting that other person know, like I see you and I see the efforts that you’re putting in and I appreciate it so much. And what you’re creating is, you’re creating these beautiful, instead of vicious cycles, you’re creating these really beautiful virtuous cycles and so we want to create more of that and expressing gratitude for what you see them doing on a daily basis for you. The likelihood is, they know that you see it and they’ll continue to do it.

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