Was there a day when you just knew it was time to get a divorce?




If there is something I can promise you, I know it is so scary because I’ve been there. And when people would say, “Amy, you’ll know”. Dr. Skinner would say that to me, and I was like, I don’t believe that that is true. I don’t believe that is true. And he would say, okay, right now in this moment, what do you know? And I would say, okay, in this moment, and he would say, okay, that’s all you need to know right now.

What I can promise you, and this is from my own experience, and now, seven years later, I’ve heard this experience over and over so that just reinforces my own experience. I promise you, you will know. There is something that I say to my clients, if you have doubt, don’t. Because I can’t tell where you’re headed and it doesn’t sound like you don’t know where your relationship is headed. What I can tell you from my own experience, is there was a distinct, I remember exactly where I was at, really communing spiritually, however that is for you, but I was in that process and I felt a distinct, almost like, you’re released from a job or a calling or it was like, I knew, and I wasn’t afraid. And it was just complete peace and absence of fear, even though of course it’s scary, but in that moment with my marriage, when we were together, we dated two years and we were married for 18, I never thought when I would feel peace about divorce, it wasn’t anything I ever wanted. But I know the very, very moment that I felt head to toe this is the right thing. And I didn’t feel afraid in that moment. The fear of, okay, now what am I going to do? What’s the next step? But what I can promise you, if you have doubt, don’t. If you have doubt, don’t and I promise you, you will know.

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