Under what circumstances would you advise sharing the list of your losses with your spouse?




My response to that is in all circumstances, I would want them to know the impact that this experience had on the individual who has struggled with the betrayal. Whether you stay married or you get divorced. I would suggest that under all circumstances, you share the list of losses so that you can stand in your truth of facing, this happened, I was hurt. This impacted me, and you can stand in that statement and it doesn’t matter really the outcome of whether he hears that, or he feels empathy for that. It feels like it’s a vulnerable thing if they don’t, if they don’t respond in a way that’s empathic for you. But you going through the exercise saying, this happened and the impact, and sharing that will be empowering to you for you standing in the truth that this had this impact, I’m going to reclaim it. So I would always recommend that.

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