Is Pornography Addiction Real?

In the last few years, the discussion around pornography and its effect on individuals and relationships has intensified. Groups such as Fight the New Drug have made it their sole mission to prove “porn kills love.” There are a growing number of therapists specializing in pornography addiction, the psychological consequences the addicted bears, and the […]

How will I be able to face a future storm if I can’t recognize it?

Watch Listen Read My husband has been very active with his recovery from his pornography addiction, with reading workshops, therapy groups in developing his faith since D-Day 2, a little over two months ago. My future storm worry is a relapse, since he is so new to recovery. Right now, he’s very optimistic and excited […]

Can I ever forgive a betrayal that caused so much suffering?

Watch Listen Read It’s been six months since I discovered that my husband was heavily into pornography. I’ve moved out of our home and I’ve started to calm down with yoga, meditation, therapy, You Bloom. Going back to work on Wednesday, we started a new couples therapy session where we went through the story all […]

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