Improving Emotional & Spiritual Intimacy

Dr. Skinner Answers: My husband and I need some help improving emotional and spiritual intimacy. Do you have any suggestions on how to enhance those areas of our relationship?

Navigating Differences Of Sexual Expectations Between Partners

Dr. Skinner Answers: My husband and I have very different expectations when it comes to sexual intimacy. It’s become such an issue that we’re considering separating. I feel like he doesn’t respect me. He refuses counseling. I long to connect with him but don’t feel safe emotionally. What are the things I should consider as […]

I Just Want To Give Up And Leave. Is This Normal?

Dr. Skinner Answers: My husband is working to recover from an addiction to pornography. He seems to be progressing but I feel like I’m failing in my own healing and recovery though. I struggle with my sensitivity to my husband’s emotional distance and continued disrespect. To the point where I just want to leave the […]

Obsessive Porn Use, Relapses, How To Respond

Dr. Skinner Answers: My husband struggles with obsessive pornography use. He’s working towards recovery. What do I do when he has a “relapse?” How do I respond to effectively communicate my feelings?  

How Do I Manage My Anger & Rage?

Dr. Skinner Answers: I’m working to reconcile with my husband who is recovering from an addiction to pornography. I find that I’m continually overcome by anger and rage. How do I manage these feelings?  

I’m frantic. What can I do to calm my mind?

Dr. Skinner Answers: Over the last few months my relationship has totally fallen apart. I am frantic. What can I do to calm my mind? I feel like I’m losing my mind. I struggle to get simple tasks done. Why am I having such a hard time getting through this?  

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