Is it normal to have intrusive thoughts of my husband sexually acting out?




What I want to say to you is, you are three months into recovery and you are already recognizing, you’re saying I have vivid images that are triggered, and you’re saying you’re stopping, checking yourself, realizing that they’re imagined, and is it normal? I’m like, holy cow, that’s not normal. You are only three months into recovery and you are already way ahead of where I feel like I was at for years. So my response to the question, intrusive thoughts, yes. The cacophony, the loudness in your head with images and getting triggered by thoughts and feelings and images, totally normal. What is not normal is that you are three months in and you have so much more insight than I ever did three months in.
You’re saying, is it normal? Yes, it’s normal. How do I stop this from happening? Exactly what you’re doing. When you are stopping, you’re taking a moment, you’re breathing, you’re recognizing, okay, this is not real, your reality checking. What can I control? What can’t I control? What do I need right now? And you’re asking yourself those questions, the fact that you are already doing that is pretty remarkable. So keep up that work.

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