How can I change my beliefs that I have about addicts?




I love this next question about how can I change my beliefs that I have about addicts. It was such an honest question, a vulnerable question, which truthfully speaks more to the pain that you have had with addicts in your life than it does about the addicts and their behavior. When you’re saying I view addicts as a lost cause, that’s a protection that’s a self protective measure that you are taking because you’ve been hurt so much. What I want to tell you is, I promise you, and this is easy for me to say because I get to see the successes every day. I promise you, recovery is a real it is a real thing. And I witness individuals fight for that every day and become changed persons. And so I know the scariest thing truthfully is hope. It’s easier to believe almost that they’re a lost cause and they’re never going to change because then that maybe keeps you safe from hoping for change.

But I promise you that as you are protecting yourself, you’re also limiting. You can’t protect yourself from feeling the positive things by, or the negative and that without also not feeling the positive. I promise you, recovery is a real thing and I see it every single day. And I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to see it yet from the people in your life. But I promise you it is real, and thank you for such a vulnerable question.

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