Each time I get my feet back under me, another relapse happens. Should I just stop asking or looking for clues until he’s out of recovery?




Oh, that’s so hard, and I know that everybody in this group can relate to that feeling of feeling like you’re just back on your feet, and then here comes another one. What I would really recommend along the way are these trust discussions. The check-ins that you’re having, those fast check-ins that you are having daily with him, are a way to be able to gain traction in your recovery, be able to build safety and connection with him, and then also not feel like you’re just getting that rug pulled out from under you. So talk to your therapist about the nightly check-ins. Dr. Skinner uses this FAST fast check-in method. Different therapists use different check-in methods, but have a daily check-in so that you can build safety and build that trust and that will help with your own recovery.

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