Can journaling help with a lifetime of memories?




I’m having a hard time determining one event to journal about. My husband disclosed betrayal that occurred throughout our 22 year marriage. I do not have one specific memory, I’m processing an entire marriage.

What we’re looking for here is you to give a language to some of these experiences. What we find is in the trauma, some of them are trapped down inside of us. So yeah, journaling can help. And again, if you just free write, just whatever comes to your mind, it’s going to give a voice to the experience, okay? And because it’s giving a voice, those memories are going to be very valuable to just be able to let process through. So yeah, I don’t know if it will be one memory or maybe it will be multiple memories, but if you find yourself a trend to just give a voice to these things, you might write on many different things. The point is what we know is that trauma needs a voice. So that’s where I would definitely start. Your brain is trying to make sense of these things and when it has a voice, it’s just so much more helpful when it can be expressed rather than shut down.

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