Can I learn to accept my body image?




You bring up one of the issues that I would say almost all, we’re not able to really say all because there are a rare few exceptions of women who do not struggle with body image, but almost all women struggle with body image and with beauty body image, aging period. But then you add on top of that, betrayal either with another woman or pornography. And man, it just throws gasoline on that fire that we already all struggle with as women. You are not alone in looking in the mirror and feeling shame, whether it’s about body size or body shape or wrinkles. And so the question, is that possible? How can I start to learn to accept? And the thing is, yes, that is possible. And not only accept, but love, love that person, love your body for everything it does for you. Your body will give you information before your conscious mind does. And this is just a step-by-step process. Just know you are not alone in the body shame, because I would say in eight years, I think I have met one woman who says, “I’ve never struggled with body image issues”. But for the most part, everyone, all women struggle with it because we are just surrounded by media and influences telling us that we need to look and we need to be a certain something.

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