What Is My Point?: Finding Purpose and Finding Hope

“Hi, I’m Alisha and I tell the important stories.”

One of the things that has helped me through the hardest times is figuring out a point to my life, a purpose, a driving theme that isn’t connected to my roles, or job, or financial status. I used to call myself a teacher, but then I wasn’t. I am a writer, but that’s just what I do for work. I ask myself, “what is the thing that gives me life that isn’t related to money or media or my relationship status?”

What Do I Need? Reconnecting to Your Personal Needs

Often in the busyness and the business of our days, we become disconnected from our bodies and our needs. When we finally get some time to breathe, our bodies will start yelling to get our attention. Here are some quick questions you can ask yourself to check in with your personal needs.

Please Put the Oxygen Mask On Yourself First

Most of us don’t know how to trust ourselves anymore, but our bodies and souls still know what we need. It is expected and needful that we put our own oxygen mask on first. We can’t help and love others if we are dying from lack of oxygen. This truth sunk deep into me as we took off for Arizona.

You Are Enough

I just wanted to tell you that you are enough.

For some reason, we have a hard time believing that. I just want to tell you that you are. Right here, right now, you are enough. Even if you feel like a complete mess. The epic journey of life seems to really be about learning to trust and love yourself. But that seems so hard. Here are some things you can do to start building your relationship with yourself.

Five Practical Steps To Becoming More Emotionally Resilient

Resiliency is a key character trait of people who come through hard times as stronger more compassionate people. Resiliency simply means the ability to adapt to stress and difficult situations. Now if only it were that simple to be resilient.

Overcoming Life’s Overwhelming Moments

Here’s the thing. Any kind of trauma can deeply affect your heart, mind, and body. Sometimes there is a clear trigger. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere. If trauma is left untreated, it can lead to long-term, serious mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. It’s all related.

Tell Me It’s Going to be Okay

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you it is going to be okay. We can tell ourselves that we are enough and that it is okay to feel what we are feeling. We can tell ourselves that “it is what it is.” But sometimes it is hard to believe ourselves.

Emotional Wabi Sabi: What Does That Mean?

We have been promoting our class “Emotional Wabi Sabi” with Life Coach Stace Christianson this week. Many of you may be wondering what Wabi Sabi is. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic in art that focuses on highlighting the imperfections, the irregularities, the rough patches. They believe that the imperfections are what make something beautiful.

Living With Intention

One of the hardest things about trauma is that you feel like you are living your life underwater. What you thought was your life, actually isn’t. It’s completely different. There is a major adjustment period as you navigate through betrayal, acceptance, and healing. So how do you get out of the water and live the life that you want?

Epic Fails and Trying to be Perfect

How often do we get praised for failure? It seems like never, and yet only through making mistakes, failing, can we actually get better. In terms of emotional work, fear of failing can keep us in situations that are dangerous and toxic. It can keep us from getting help. It can keep us from getting to know others and forming a support group. So much of healing comes through accepting the role of mistakes and failure and learning from them.

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