Are there specific books, resources, or guiding questions that you use in your shame group?




So first I would like to say, anybody who would ever like an online shame group, I would be first in line to want to run that group, so plug for group. In response to the questions, what resources do we use for that group? It is a resource for therapist’s so I can’t give you that piece, but the guiding content for the group is Brené Brown’s first book, which is honestly, in my opinion, the most meat, this was her first book entitled, I thought it was just me. This is her first book where in that she has all of the real meat of her research over the years. Less stories, more research. And it’s one of those books that you go through slowly, like highlighting, think about, really dig into. So that is the book that I used for the homework in between the shame group. But the shame group, what we’re doing is we’re practicing what we’re learning in real time, in a group setting, which is really powerful.

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