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What is BLOOM?






1. Transformation

Understand what’s keeping you stuck and get the tools and support to get unstuck! Life gets complicated. What BLOOM gives you is clarity, knowledge, and skills that help you move forward in life.​

  • It's OK to NEED!
  • It's OK to WANT!
  • It's OK to DESERVE!
  • Most of us don't know what we need or want or deserve and we feel selfish even thinking about it. But the truth is, knowing what we need, want and deserve actually empowers us AND all the people around us!

“I cannot tell you the tremendous improvement in myself that I have experienced using this program.”

2. Self-Discovery

In just 15-minutes a day BLOOM is helping thousands of women all over the world master skills, make plans and transform their lives from stuck to success! How are they doing it? With one daily BLOOM video, one simple BLOOM worksheet and 15 minutes -- that’s it! Anywhere, anytime.

  • Daily 15-minute assignment emails from our expert clinical team delivered via email at 5am Monday - Friday.
  • Each assignment covers the topic of the week such as: intuition, connection, goal setting, resiliency, coping skills, moving past pain, concretizing, creating healthy relationships and more!
  • Each assignment can be done anywhere any time of day.
  • At the end of every week our clinical team hosts a weekly Q&A call.
  • Post your questions and get answers.
  • Learn from questions posted by other community members.
  • Gain insight and clarity for your own unique process.

“I used to feel like I was slugging through a tar pit and couldn't get free. I have a lightness to my step now. BLOOM is helping me become more resilient! Thank you!.”

3. Community

A safe, online community filled with women who are supporting each other in a POSITIVE, ENCOURAGING  way! No more Instagram, Facebook and social media woes. In our BLOOM community, you’ll find support, strength and quality connections that will fill you with confidence and give you courage to do difficult things.

  • Chat anonymously with group members.
  • Share concerns, ask for feedback and find encouragement from the community.
  • Realize you aren't alone and there are strong, encouraging, positive women walking this path of healing and transformation with you

“I’ve felt much more confident in conversations with my boss and the people I work with. It’s been one of those times when you don’t notice how much you’ve grown until you compare yourself to where you used to be and suddenly realize how far you’ve come.”

4. Results

Our BLOOM members get REAL results. The work women do in our program doesn’t just make their lives better, it changes lives for generations.  If you want results, we’re your people. If you want change, we’re your program. If you want clarity come join us!

“I had just started therapy after starting the BLOOM program and I can easily say that BLOOM has been more beneficial for me and cheaper too!!”

5. Clarity

Some of the most important questions we ask ourselves are about purpose and fulfillment. Carrying out the actions that lead to change is difficult. The BLOOM program will teach you how to schedule your days to limit distractions. We'll provide the guidance you need to break through the noise of life helping you find the clarity you need.

“I've gotten so many different insights. It’s incredible. I’m learning why I doubt my intuition and it’s giving me more power to trust myself.”


Come see for yourself how the program can change your life too!!!

Designed by leading experts

Designed by therapists and experts to help you overcome the experiences and voices that are keeping you stuck.

Dr. Kevin Skinner, LMFT

Dr. Skinner is the Clinical Director at Addo Recovery and has lead a successful practice for more than 20 years. His practical experience, genuine encouragement and expertise will guide you every step of the way through your own healing process.​

Jennifer Mann, LMFT

Jenn has been changing lives in a clinical setting for more than ten years. She has the ability to connect with people in every situation. Her skills and personality will guide you through your own healing process in a safe, successful way.

Brett Williams, LMFT

Brett is larger than life and full of incredible trainings that will turn your world up-side-down, in a fantastic way. He's got more than 20 years of clinical experience which helps him quickly and easily identify with anyone who walks in his door.​

Bonnie LaVell, BLOOM Director

Bonnie's life experience and simple, practical systems will guide you through your own healing journey in a way that's raw, real and relatable. She knows what hard feels like and will walk with you every step of the way. People are her medicine and healing is her motivation.​

Inside BLOOM...

Here are a few sneak peeks!


We'll help you understand where you currently are, where you want to be, and what's holding you back. Set your goals and we'll help you move forward everyday, 15 minutes at a time.


There is so much shame around the way we look or how our bodies function. Start appreciating your body. Understand where your negative thoughts come from and when they started.


Stuck in bad habits or frustrated by failed attempts at creating new, healthy habits? Learn how you can address your fears and anxieties to start changing your behaviors.


Learn how to create relationships that are safe and allow you to feel support. Make your relationships a source of some of the greatest joys in your life. 


Incentive Program

  • The only place you get BONUSES for taking care of yourself!
  • Get bonus points for eating food that makes you feel strong.
  • Get bonus points for sleeping 7+ hours every night.
  • Get bonus points for completing the weekly assignments.
  • USE YOUR BONUS POINTS... to earn money to go towards your BLOOM membership and our annual events!

COREwork Curriculum

  • 16 COREwork trainings available on-demand for our members.
  • Perfect for the weeks you have a little more time to dig into more self care, discovery and creating.
  • The COREwork trainings give you a powerful foundation to work from.

On-Demand Course Library

  • Feel like going above and beyond? Access to our on-demand BLOOM course library, perfect for times you want to go a little deeper or explore a topic unique to your situation.
  • Includes more than 65 courses.
  • Provides powerful training, content and experiences with experts in specific fields.
  • Most affordable therapeutic experience you will ever find!


Come see for yourself how the program can change your life.

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