Welcome to Bloom

Welcome to Bloom!


Bloom: /bloom/

verb. to flourish, to grow, to bear flowers

noun. a healthy, vigorous, or flourishing condition

Sometimes life hurts. Sometimes life even hurts a lot. Sometimes it feels like everybody is on a fruitless journey towards happiness; like walking up a downward moving escalator, we never quite seem to make it to the top.

Sometimes we do make it to the top of certain things: career, social circles, dream home, dream car, the “ideal” body image, etc.; only to discover the top doesn’t yield that all enveloping and interminable happiness we so collectively desire.

Surrendering to the relentless pull of the downward moving escalator at times feels like the easiest and, to be honest, the most practical action. But surrendering won’t help in achieving happiness.

Happiness can reside in the personal improvement and movement upward, but it especially dwells within the horizontal movements.

The horizontal encompasses living within each moment: feeling, discovering, being alive with all of our sensory capacities. These are the moments where we focus on the doing, rather than the getting done.

The horizontal escapes the chronological quest for progress, where we are constantly looking forward to a better place, a better life, a better situation. Living horizontally allows us to connect with the present world we live in and the present people we live amongst; and most significantly, it allows us to find joy and happiness within such connections…right here, right now.

Our hope at Bloom is to help all of us move forward vertically in our search for happiness, by learning to live more horizontally. As we learn to observe, immerse, feel, admire, discover, we begin to connect and inhabit a multi-dimensional, fulfilling life.

It’s a real possibility there’s an abundance of sweetness all around the dismal, thorny parts of our lives. Abiding happiness and wholeness is realized as we learn to detect and taste this hopeful sweetness. Bloom’s entire intention is to assist women in finding the type of joy that doesn’t fade, doesn’t end, but persists throughout all locations and life situations.



Bloom specializes in providing online inspiration, support, and education for women who desire to move forward from the grief and trauma associated with betrayal and unfaithful relationships. Click here to learn more.


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