January 10 2018

The Power to Heal

Dr. Kevin Skinner, LMFT, CSAT-S, Core Faculty, PhD, LMFT, CSAT, EMDR-C

The new year is here.

A new year to make more progress, find more healing and purpose. Progress
that can fuel a life that can be full of hope.

To reach your goals, you’ll probably need more effective and powerful ways to find yourself, get unstuck, gain confidence and master your emotions.

I’m excited that we’ll be offering Bloom Intensives this year, beginning in February. Our intensives are two day, in-person therapeutic workshops that teach you how to push beyond your current constraints and truly heal your life.

During our intensives you’ll spend two full days with me and my team. We’ll ask you to dig deep. You’ll discover how you can heal with self compassion. That you are enough and that life can be fulfilling again. Based off of 15 years of relationship and trauma research, the intensive combines group therapy sessions with yoga therapy and mindfulness meditation designed specifically to calm your mind and move the trauma out of your body. You’ll also spend time connecting with other participants, giving and getting valuable feedback.

We’re happy to announce that the first intensive session will take place on February 15th – 16th. (see all the details here). This is an intimate, personal experience with only six spots available at a time. Because spots are limited, applications are required for anyone interested in participating.

If you’re ready to do your most important work, we’d very much like to help you get there.

About the Author

Dr. Kevin Skinner is the co-founder and Clinical Director of Bloom, an online company for women working to heal from the trauma of infidelity and betrayal. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, he's been helping individuals and families for over 18 years. He's authored the best-selling books “Treating Pornography Addiction”, and "Treating Trauma From Sexual Betrayal." As a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, he's worked with and trained other clinicians as a supervisor and presenter. He has created online assessments for more than 250,000 individuals that center on relationship intimacy, betrayal trauma and pornography and sex addiction. These assessments serve as a helpful guide to developing the best treatment for people who want to work toward recovery.