Podcast: Healing All Parts of You

Do you ever feel like there are parts of you that are at war with each other? Like part of you feels one way and another part of you feels completely different? Like there’s an ongoing debate raging within your head?

Struggling to understand and cope with behaviors, thoughts, or feelings is a normal thing. Especially when experiencing such tremendous heartache, pain, associated with betrayal trauma.

In this podcast episode therapist and author, Jenna Riemersma talks with Dr. Kevin Skinner about a revolutionary new way of understanding your feelings and behaviors. It’s called Internal Family Systems (IFS). Jenna will discuss her new book titled Altogether You and how her life and the life of her clients have been transformed using the principles of IFS.

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Show Notes
Jenna Riemersma: https://jennariemersma.com/
Jenna’s Book: Altogether You

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