Feel seen and validated, find
clarity, and begin your journey of
betrayal trauma recovery.
Our team of therapists, data scientists, and medical experts came together
to create a complete, one-of-a-kind program that combines real-life data with
therapeutic guidance to help you find hope and healing.

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What is Betrayal Trauma?

Betrayal trauma is the pain and emotional distress experienced after severe deception by a loved one. Symptoms of betrayal trauma mirror post-traumatic stress disorder.

Do you have a hard time falling asleep?

Do you find your mind is racing and more anxious than usual?

Do you have a hard time staying asleep?

Are you experiencing nightmares?

Do you have a hard time falling asleep?

You’re not alone.
You’re not crazy.
You’re struggling
with trauma.

Over 40,000 women have been where you are and chose Bloom to guide and support their healing journey. Our betrayal trauma recovery program is clinically proven and designed to help you navigate betrayal trauma with expert confidence.

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Our betrayal trauma recovery program is for you.

Whether you are single, still figuring things out, divorced, dating, or have repaired your relationship and need a tune-up, Bloom is for you. We have resources and support for every stage of the healing journey.

Our combination of empathetic and specialized mental health professionals, monthly assessments, and expert-created content offers you the tools to find betrayal trauma recovery.

Anytime Messaging

Message your mental health professional and receive responses within 24 hours when you experience difficult moments​.

Progress Tracking

Monitor your progress over time and make adjustments for your wellbeing based on measured data.

Growth Sessions

Led by experts, our “Growth Sessions” offer a deep dive into specific topics in an interactive seminar environment.

Self-Guided Roadmaps

Developed by our team of expert therapists, Roadmaps offer a self-guided learning experience through just about any betryal trauma topic you can think of.


With daily video content, journaling prompts, and assignments, our app makes staying consistent with your healing work simple.

Monthly One-On-One Sessions with a Mental Health Professional

You’ll meet monthly with your mental health professional to review assessment and test results and discuss goals.

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Monthly In-App Clinical Assessments

Monthly Hair Cortisol Test

Self-Guided Roadmaps on a Variety of Topics

Monthly One-On-One Video Calls with Your Mental Health Professional

Weekly Interactive “Growth Session” Seminars on a Variety of Topics

Progress Reporting to Track Progress and Healing Over Time

You talk. We listen.

We connect you with coaches and our community so you can find betrayal trauma recovery.

In an increasingly isolated age, we’ve built our betrayal trauma healing model around a simple concept-talking and listening. We enhance the power of community and human connection so that you feel heard, validated, and supported.

Our outcomes have shown that for those who actively engage with our content,

symptoms are reduced across 89% of symptom categories.


Trusted by Therapists,
Loved by Clients


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