Healing from Betrayal Trauma

Recovery from betrayal trauma can be an uphill battle if you don’t have the right tools
to move forward. Bloom’s free course helps guide and support your journey.

This course is designed to help you gain a clear understanding of how you’re being impacted by betrayal from infidelity. We encourage and support you as you begin to make shifts to bring peace back into your life.

Through a symptom-focused approach, Dr. Kevin Skinner, will lead you on a journey of overcoming betrayal trauma and coming back to yourself.

what’s included


Healing from Betrayal Trauma includes carefully crafted therapy videos that cover a wide variety of betrayal trauma related topics including symptoms, triggers, tools for safety, and more. These videos are self-paced, informative, and created by therapists and experts in their fields. They are all under 10 minutes and help individuals take the small steps necessary to support healing.


Assignments and exercises throughout the Roadmap can help individuals ease symptoms and establish a toolbox of successful techniques. With sections on mindfulness, breathing exercises, and meditations we can help unlock the next steps of emotional regulation and self-soothing.

Reflection Questions

The Roadmap uses focused reflection questions that allow individuals to take note of where they are in the healing journey. These questions help you look back on progress and setbacks, while keeping in mind the flexibility of success on a healing journey.

Our reflection questions can provoke vulnerability, but the end goal is to understand key takeaways in the recovery process.

Roadmap to Healing from
Betrayal Trauma Course

About the Presenter

Dr. Kevin Skinner
Dr. Kevin Skinner is a leader and authority on sexually compulsive behavior, infidelity, and trauma from sexual betrayal. His methods are based on his own research stemming from more than 250,000 assessments and over 20 years of experience. Over the last 15 years, he has specifically researched how sexual betrayal creates PTSD-like symptoms in the betrayed spouse. He is the Co-Founder and Clinical Director at Addo Recovery, Bloom for Women, Parent Guidance, and Noble.

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