Living Centered after Betrayal Trauma

Our Co-Founder and Clinical Director, Dr. Kevin Skinner, sat down with Lindsey and Mickenzie from the Living Centered Podcast to discuss betrayal trauma, infidelity, and how to show up for ourselves and others after betrayal trauma.⁠⁠No matter your relationship to this topic, this candid conversation highlights the importance of showing up for yourself and doing […]

Jeni’s Betrayal Trauma Story


A few years into Jeni’s marriage, she stumbled along her husband’s pornography. When she confronted him about it, she was first met with denial, which changed to claims that “this is normal” and “every man does this.” Although it hurt, Jeni moved on and learned to cope with the reality of her husband’s regular porn […]

Carlie’s Betrayal Trauma Story


Carlie always believed one should leave their spouse after infidelity – until she found out about her own husband’s affair and pornography addiction. Her husband, Ryan, was exposed to porn from a young age, and his use continued in secret throughout the beginning of his marriage to Carlie. Even after Carlie found out, Ryan would […]