August 8 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

Betrayal trauma occurs when someone trusted or relied upon for support commits an act of betrayal. It is a unique trauma that can be very difficult to treat. Betrayal trauma […]

July 18 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

Betrayal is a harrowing experience that has been shown to trigger feelings of intense emotional pain, confusion, anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and even self-loathing. While experiences […]

June 6 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

“Triggered” has become a bit of a buzzword over the past few years, often used throughout social media to put down someone deemed too delicate and absurd. This cultural phenomenon […]

May 30 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

It’s human nature to have an endpoint in mind. Generally, we thrive off deadlines, benchmarks, and cues that we’re on the right track. Research shows that we’re much more likely […]

May 23 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

In the last few years, the discussion around pornography and its effect on individuals and relationships has intensified. Groups such as Fight the New Drug have made it their sole […]

May 16 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

Going to therapy can test resolve, break down walls, and be uncomfortable. Vulnerability and honesty in front of new people can disrupt standard coping mechanisms and be very triggering. Understanding […]

May 10 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

Betrayal trauma is very different from other types of trauma. It involves a form of abuse, like many other forms of trauma, and the experience of being betrayed by a […]

May 2 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

Most of us have heard of emotional trauma in response to significantly disturbing events such as natural disasters, accidents, or abuse. However, there is another form of trauma that is […]

April 29 2022
Kristin Beaufort,

If your trust has ever been broken by someone close to you, you’ve probably felt the ways betrayal trauma alters the mind and body. When somebody you depend on to […]