The Flood or the Fan

Self care doesn’t always look like a massage and pedicure at a vacation resort. Sure, sometimes that is exactly what it means, but I am seeing that taking care of myself more often looks like saying “no” to a project that sounds exciting, but doesn’t quite feel aligned with my purpose. When we practice letting ourselves be still, and tune into our internal compass, it becomes easier to recognize what self care should look like. Remember that at times, in order to be spared the flood, we have to get quiet. And listen.

Red Lights and Deep Breaths

It wasn’t until a few weeks later it sunk in, D no longer chatted happily after pick up. I anxiously held my breath while waiting to turn left. My shoulders were tight and lifted. At times I avoided the entire intersection, adding 5 minutes to the drive, and found I was on the verge of tears at all times in a car.

We had trauma, and it was stuck in our bodies.

The Green Shag Carpet

I’m a new face around Bloom. Here on the site, if you use our live-chat feature, I’m at the other end of the inter-webs. I’m here for you. I’m holding this space with you. I have navigated some rocky, winding roads, as we all do. I’m still studying the map. Loss, grief, and trauma have all had a part in my story and because life is life, I’m sure there will be more of those chapters to come. We’ve all had them. Have you ever felt stuck in this part of your story?

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